Transforming the economics of log data

Images emphasizing the transformation in log data economics, highlighting Hydrolix's ability to cut log data retention costs by 75%

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We used to only be able to afford to keep seven days of data. Now we keep six months to a year’s worth.

– Adtech client

Hydrolix makes compliance affordable.

– Financial Services client

We didn’t reduce our data storage costs 40%. We reduced our COGS 40%. Amazing!

– Cybersecurity client


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hydrolix is a cloud data platform that combines real-time stream processing, indexed search, and decoupled storage to process terabyte-scale transaction data at 4x less cost than similar systems.

  • Hydrolix is purpose-built to make big data cost-effective to collect, retain, and query. If you are currently working with or planning to work with datasets at volumes of 1 TB/day or greater, then Hydrolix is an excellent choice.

  • Hydrolix can be deployed on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, and Akamai Connected Cloud.

  • As a streaming data lake, Hydrolix brings a unique design to the challenges of real-time processing of high volumes of event data. Hydrolix combines stream processing, indexed search, advanced compression techniques and decoupled storage into a single, stateless architecture, a design that delivers a combination of high-performance, longer hot data retention, and low cost.

    The ingest system can handle both event streams (via Kafka, Kinesis, and HTTP streaming) and batch loading.

    The query system scales independently and specific workloads can be partitioned into query pools to avoid resource contention and to allow teams to assign compute resources in accordance to their own specific budget and performance goals.

    Hydrolix uses object storage (rather than block storage) to keep log storage costs low and extend hot data retention windows. Patented compression techniques further reduce your data footprint and log storage costs.

    Hydrolix’s approach to partitioning data plus it’s default of indexing every column, together with customizable query pools, deliver SSD performance at block storage prices.

  • For maximum flexibility, Hydrolix is designed to work out of the box with popular data visualization tools like Grafana, Redash, Superset, and Looker.

  • Here are the estimated costs for running Hydrolix on Amazon EKS, ingesting two terabytes of raw data per day and assuming 12 months of data retention and 15x compression.

    Estimated Monthly Cloud Provider Expenses
    Core Platform: $2,237
    Ingest Capacity:  $1,470
    Query Capacity: $1,960
    Cloud Storage: $1,146

    Cloud Provider Total: $6,814 / mo
    Hydrolix License & Support: $5,840 / mo

    Total Cost of Ownership: $12,654 / mo
    Effective Cost: $0.20 / GB

    You can use this online pricing calculator to get a cost estimate.

  • Hydrolix offers a free trial, allowing developers to experience the platform’s capabilities firsthand.

    Explore Hydrolix’s features, assess its suitability for your projects, and gain insights into its performance and benefits.

  • Yes, there is a SaaS version of Hydrolix. We work with multiple cloud vendors to provide the SaaS version.

    Please get in touch with the Hydrolix sales team, and they will guide you.

  • Yes, Hydrolix is designed to accommodate multi-CDN monitoring seamlessly. You can learn how our client, Paramount, uses Hydrolix for that purpose.

  • Yes. Hydrolix offers several advantages: high-performance querying, cost-efficient data retention, and seamless scalability.

    Hydrolix’s architecture and features make it a compelling choice for organizations seeking improved data management and analytics capabilities beyond what the ELK stack provides.

  • Vendor lock-in is not a concern with Hydrolix, as your data remains within your architecture.

    For cloud deployments, your data resides inside your chosen object storage environment, such as Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage.

    This flexibility ensures you can easily migrate your data, offering peace of mind and data sovereignty.

  • Cloud and on-premises offerings all adhere to the following security configurations:

    • Role-based access control (RBAC) to limit access to project data.
    • Strict data separation between projects – Customers can have multiple projects so that you can limit access to teams and individuals as needed.
    • SOC 2 compliance to ensure that all data is stored and processed securely.
    • GDPR compliance
    • TLS for data in transit – To retrieve data from cloud storage, Hydrolix clusters use token-based authentication over TLS

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